Chapter Luncheon Presentations 2010

    Sep 2010 - Back from Red: Recovering Failing Projects

    The rates for projects being at risk are in the 60-70% range, and a quarter of all project's problems are so bad they are simply canceled prior completion. Preferably, all projects will run according to plan. However, moving from a 60% failure rate to 0% is unrealistic.

    Before they can succeed at reducing the failure rate, organizations must understand what it is that makes their projects fail. Reasons range from methodology to human failure to poorly understood concepts to scope creep. Analyzing projects as systems uncovers all the factors that can contribute to failure.

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    Jun 2010 - New Realities—Methods That Work

    For our June luncheon presentation the chapter is bringing together different perspectives on today's job and career market. Our panelists include:

    Mary Cosgrove - from 'What Works Well'
    Dave Steveson - from HirePointe Management Group
    Spencer Shaffer - formerly of Consultnet
    Eric Anderson - Chapter Member and architect of a recently successful job search

    The panel will field questions on the state of the current job market, the value of project management experience and certification, and what methods work in a successful job or career search. The discussion promises to be both lively and informative.

    Apr 2010 - The Advantages of Using an Enterprise Project Management Solution

    Speaker: Scott Cussimano
    - VP and Microsoft EPM Technology Specialist, UMT

    Learn how a global Medical Technology company implemented a Project and Portfolio Management solution to: gain visibility of their global R&D, financial, and resources demands, resulting in improved effectiveness and agility to changing market pressures, and to maximization of portfolio value while reducing execution risk.

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    Mar 2010 - Guiding Organizational Change

    Speaker: Dr. Denis R. Petersen, PMP - Milestone Management Consultants, LLC

    Organizations don't change. People change. And in the intense dedication of trying to make organizational changes succeed, it is easy to forget that until the people change, nothing does

    Effective change leaders are able to make organization changes faster, with greater employee commitment, less disruption and less resistance.

    Feb 2010 - Establishing Authority in a Project Management Environment

    Speaker: Ken Sardoni, Chair - Colleges of Graduate Business and Information Systems and Technology, University of Phoenix Utah Campus

    Nothing is more frustrating for a project manager than to be given ultimate project responsibility, but not enough authority to effectively manage the project.

    This session will focus on specific strategies and techniques a project manager can use to establish authority within the project management environment.

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    Jan 2010 - Increase Your Influence For Project Success

    Speaker: Darrell Harmon, Master Trainer
    Your projects are perfectly designed to create the results you're getting.

    Ouch! You mean, I'm actually designing my projects to struggle?

    Actually, it's not all your doing. The context (your organization) has a lot to do with it, as well as everyone involved in the project—executives, managers, team members. But you're the one responsible for project success, right?