Chapter Luncheon Presentations 2011

    Sep 2011 - How UDOT is Using ERM in Project Management

    Speakers: Kristina Narvaez — President, ERM Strategies, LLC and Fred Doehring — Deputy Director or Pre-Construction, UDOT

    The Utah Department of Transportation sees a natural fit between Project Management and Enterprise Risk Management. Kristina will give an overview of what Enterprise Risk Management is how to use it in project management. Fred will give examples of how Utah Department of Transportation has incorporated ERM in their new construction projects.

    May 2011 - How Should I Go About Making a Decision?

    Speaker: John Reno, PMP — Program Engineer Manager, Northrop Grumman

    A quick look into decision making; where the focus is not, "What decision do I make?" But rather, "How should I go about making a decision?" A good business decision, or a personal decision; should look into the key types of decision making and how to use the social and political dynamics of conflict constructively to make the best decision. This quick look will focus on a better environment of consensus for decisions that are higher in quality and implementation effectiveness.

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    Apr 2011 - Project Management Success

    Speaker: Dr. Paul J. Fields — Partner, Breakthrough Consulting Group

    Doing the "right things right" requires a combined emphasis on strategy and tactics. This is the essence of leadership and management. Selecting and prioritizing projects from among all possible projects can be like choosing a puppy - they are all cute, so how do we choose which one to take home? And then we are faced with the question of how to properly care for our puppy.

    The presentation will outline several techniques to objectively arrive at a consensus for choosing the right projects in alignment with strategic objectives and then for ensuring that the projects are completed "on time and on budget."

    Mar 2011 - How Project Mgrs and Business Analysts Can Work Better Together

    Speaker: Mike Sandberg, CBAP — Director of the Business Analysis Center of Excellence, Novell, Inc.

    In recent years companies and employees have taken great interest in professional certifications for both the PM and the BA roles. Similarly, each role has its own body of knowledge and professional organization.

    This session will review material presented last fall at the Building Business Capability conference in Washington D.C, where the results of a joint task force presented that was entitled "Partnering for Project Success: PM and BA Collaboration."

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    Feb 2011 - Agile: Tough Questions Answered

    Speaker: Mark Layton MBA, SCPM, CSP, PMP — Principal Trainer, Platinum Edge, Inc.

    An overview of Agile project management methodology and a hard look at some of the concerns about Agile including budget and re-structuring.

    An Overview of Agile Methodology - its strengths, popularity, where and why it's used. A comparison of the differences between Agile and traditional Product Management and real world examples of implementation in the workplace.

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    Jan 2011 - Corporate Social Responsibility: Impacts to Project Management

    Speaker: Darrell Coleman, PhD — Assistant Professor of Business, David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah

    Corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects have become increasingly popular. This workshop draws from research and identifies what constitutes a CSR project, highlights differences from other projects, and reveals the potential impacts to you and your projects.