Chapter Luncheon Presentations 2012

    Nov 2012 - Agile: Tough Questions Answered

    Speaker: Mark C. Layton
    Oftentimes, “Agile” is used as an umbrella term for new methodology. In this presentation, you will learn about what “Agile” really means in project management- what its strength is, why it is so popular, where and why it is used.

    Mark will focus on the mechanics of empirical process control and how it enables a higher degree of management, better long-term planning capabilities, improved team efficiency and improved alignment between results and the business goals of the product.

    Mark will also compare the difference of Agile with traditional project management techniques and talk about how to implement of Agile in the workplace.

    Mark C. Layton is an organizational strategist and PMI certification instructor with over 20 years in the project/program management field. He is the Los Angeles chair for the Agile Project Leadership Network and is the founder of Platinum Edge, Inc.— an organizational improvement company that supports businesses making the Waterfall-to-Agile transition.

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    Oct 2012 - Moral Foundations and Intuitive Ethics in Project Management

    Speaker: Dr. Russell Thornley, PMP
    This presentation reviews research on the foundational moral values that are typically invoked in ethical decision-making, and discusses preliminary research on how those values are perceived in the PMI Code of Ethical Conduct. Attendees will be invited to assess their own moral foundations profile and gain insights into the values that come to play in their own ethical decision-making.

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    Sep 2012 - Five Keys to a Successful Career

    Speaker: Jennifer Armitstead
    Jennifer Armitstead is a local career coach and recruiting consultant. She will share the five key points to developing a successful career — Hint: A resume isn't one of the key points!

    Jennifer Armitstead has coached hundreds of people to take their career to the next level. She is known for her unique ability to help people determine their personal brand and career direction. Jennifer consults with companies on employee engagement to recruit and retain the right employees.

    She is the Executive Producer and Host of Job Club Radio. Jennifer is a career thought leader on Twitter (@CareerCoachJen) and blog contributor to Forbes, Examiner, Fresh Transition, and BlogNotions. For more information, check her website:

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    May 2012 - Team Motivation—Lessons Learned from the Volunteer Experience

    Speaker: Lorraine Sanders, PgMP, PMP
    Leading a volunteer group has traditionally required a different approach than that used in managing employees at work. Since volunteers are unpaid, more emphasis is place on motivation, meeting individuals’ goals in volunteering, fulfilling volunteer requirements for personal growth, and making it a fun experience for everyone. Can this approach be applied to project management in the workplace? I believe that “cross-pollination” can occur between the volunteer and paid arenas, and that project managers and team leaders can use some approaches from volunteer motivation and team-building.

    Apr 2012 - Branding YOU!

    Speaker: Julie Swaner, Ph.D., MBA — Director, Alumni Careeer Programs, University of Utah
    Learn more about the branding buzz. Is it a passing hot topic or a long-term trend?

    Personal branding is about clarifying and communicating those characteristics that make you unique. This can be particularly useful for job searchers which allows you to make a name for yourself.

    In this workshop you will learn:

    Why is personal branding important?
    How can you stand out in a crowded marketplace?
    How can brand clarity increase your competitive advantage in the market place?
    He/she who fails to brand, may fail to land.

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    Mar 2012 - Program Management — Public vs. Private Practices

    Speaker: Eric Booth, PMP

    A discussion on the progression toward IT Program Management commercial best practices in the federal sector and dispel any myths about public practices. The discussion is based within a high-profile project within the IRS and how best practices are being leveraged. The presentation will present some of the challenges and the progress made to-date within the Agency by highlighting how the Agency is evolving under the leadership of the IRS’ CTO Terry Milholland and his vision as the former CTO of Visa International.

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    Feb 2012 - Effective Scope Management Through Multi-Level Client Engagement

    Speaker: Burgess Brier, PMP

    To paraphrase the PMBOK Guide, a project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to achieve a defined work scope. PMBOK goes on to say that changes to the work scope are to be expected, so Project Managers must implement processes to keep change managed and controlled.

    Although this should in theory be relatively straightforward, in actual practice poor initial scope definition and frequent changes are among the leading causes of failure for projects that do not achieve their cost, schedule and technical objectives.

    Effective communications between the client and project organizations are critical to avoiding these problems. This presentation will discuss why scope control problems happen and will present strategies for improving scope management by effectively communicating with personnel at all levels of the client’s organization.

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    Jan 2012 - To PMP or Not to PMP—That IS the Question

    Speaker: Lee R. Lambert — PMP, CEO
    Who knew? It all started in 1984. In 1995 there were 6,000 PMPs. In 2011 there are over 421,000 PMPs. Why? Will this growth continue? What impact has the PMP had on the profession? What is the current perception of the value of the PMP? Why?

    Join Lee R. Lambert, one of the founding fathers of the PMP Credential, to learn the truth about the PMP and what’s in it for you, your project and your organization.