PMI Northern Utah Chapter

    Mentoring Program Application



    Basic Requirements:

    • Five years of Project Management experience
    • PMP Certification
    • PMI NUC Chapter membership
    • Leadership experience
    • One-year commitment
    • Willing to meet eight times during the year



    Basic Requirements:

    • Willingness to learn
    • One-year commitment
    • Willing to meet eight time during the year

      Leadership skills
      Business skills
      Risk management
      Information security
      Stakeholder relations
      Building PM skills
      PMP certification preparation
      Industry specific challenges
      Team building skills




    It is important to point out that the PMI Northern Utah Chapter's Mentorship Program is a volunteer networking opportunity. The PMI Northern Utah Chapter provides no guarantee regarding the development or career growth of participants. The chapter provides only a framework and an opportunity for participants who hope to be enhanced by this program, but the results are the responsibility of, and are completely determined by, the participating mentors and mentees.


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    General tips for Mentors:

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    Mentoring Senior Level PMs:

    Guidelines to a good mentoring relationship:


    Link to Helps/Materials for Mentees 

    General tips for Mentees:

    Guidelines to a good mentoring relationship: :