2014 Professional Development Conference

    Professional Development Conference

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    Mike WeberMike Weber"Breaking the Unwritten Rules of Project Managers"

    Mark LaytonMark Layton"Racing in Reverse: The quantitative relationship between Overtime, Defects, and Project Slippage"

    Brian RabonBrian Rabon"Living the Agile Life: How to use the values and principles of Agile to live a passionate, purpose-filled life"

    Rory VadinRory Vaden - "Project Managers Take The Stairs: Success Means Doing the Things You Don’t Want to Do"

     Day 1 Breakouts:

    Kevin Ciccotti - "Emotional Intelligence: Why You Need It, and Why it's Imperative to Your Success as a Project Manager"

    Jesse Fewell - "Innovation Games: Using Collaboration to Solve Business Problems"

    Katie Mehnert - "Parachute Project Management: Why Skydiving is Sometimes Better Than Your Plan"

    Emily Hoffman - "Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change"

    Kevin Giddins - "Team Unification All for One and One for All"

    Kevin Thompson - "10,000 Miles Away: Developing With a Distributed Team"

    Hala Saleh - "Retrospectives: How (and Why) to Not Hate Them"

    Reed Shell - "The Mystery Behind Metrics"

    Spencer Horn - "Managing the People Piece of the Organization Puzzle"
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    John Lee - Rising Above It All: “The Art and Science of Organizational Transformation”

    Ginger Levin"Is Your PMO Adding to Business Value or Are Some Changes Needed?"

    Katie Mehnert & Don James - "Dinosaurs & Divas: Project Management Trends Across the Generations"

    Mike Weber - "Putting the Bounce in Bounce Back Rewriting the Rules of Attitude"

    James F. Buchanan - "Multisite Agile: The friction and connection in human interaction"

    Rick Brenner - "The Race to the South Pole: The Power of Agile Development"

    Chase McMillian - "The 5 Crucial Conversations for Flawless Project Management"

    Britton Creer - "Project Performance: Where are We and Why?"


    Day 2 Breakouts:
    Spencer Horn - "Trust and Teambuilding"

    Kevin Ciccotti - "The Exceptional Project Manager; 5 Strategies to Take Your Project Leadership from Ordinary to Extraordinary"

    Anthony Reed - "Managing Difficult Projects and People" 

    Ken Whitaker - "Project Managers Agile Boot Camp A Condensed Introduction to Transition to Agile (Scrum) Project Management"

    Rory Vaden - "Procrastinate on Purpose: The 5 Permissions of Creating More Time"

    Paul Fields - "Agile Tools: Innovation & Estimation Games"

    Chris Garner - "The Business Therapist: A Humanistic Approach to Business Analysis"

    Doug Nufer - "A Practical Means of Quantifying Project Risk"

    Rick Brenner - "The Politics of Meetings for People Who Hate Politics"

    Ian McCracken - "Finding a New Job, Project Management Style The Devil is in the Details!"

    Mehul Kapadia - "Introduction to Enterprise Agile Frameworks"

    Britton Creer - "Wrangling the Scope Beast"

    Ginger Levin - "Are We Selecting the Right Programs and Projects or Are We Just Fishing?"

    Ken Whitaker - "Seven Deadly Habits of Ineffective Project Managers"

    Lance Wyckoff - "Four Lenses: How We See the World"

    Jack Neeway - "Seven Steps to Effective Delegation" 


    We want to thank our exhibitors, vendors, and food sponsors:

    Alpha Training & Consulting Becker Professional Education Crestcom Training

    Rapport Leadership International VitalSmarts CPrime CAPO Projects Pro Karma

    Southwest Consulting