2016 Professional Development Conference

    Balancing Your Talent Triangle


    Radd Berrett - Operation Underground Railroad

    PMI Northern Utah Scholarship Finalists -  Conference Participants will select the winners!

    Steve Sawle - PMI Global Board of Directors

    Scott Carbonara - Living and Leading Above the Line: If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

    Day 1:

    Darryl Jackson - PMI Region Partner (Business Strategy)

    IT Project Management Roundtable

    Healthcare Project Management Roundtable

    Todd WilliamsVision to Value

    Dave DirksLessons from a Horsewreck

    Microsoft Project Beginner Level

    Microsoft One Note Beginner Level

    Samad Aidane - Neurodiversity: What science reveals about leading multicultural teams

    Diane BradyGames are Serious Business

    Ginger Levin - Effectively Engaging Stakeholders: Guidelines for Success

    Spencer Horn - Communicate to Connect

    Day 2:

    Microsoft Project Intermediate Level

    Jessica Tidwell - Getting the Results You Want - It's all in your head

    Ken Whitaker - Rapid Product Definitions and Validation: An Immersive Collaboration Workshop

    Eric Kulikowski - Why Should They Care: Steps to Anticipate and Overcome the Resistance to Change

    Jimmy Godard -

    Microsoft One Note Intermediate Level

    Microsoft Project Beginner Level

    Mentorship - Speaker Pending

    Chase McMillan - Leadership is Intentional Influence

    Ginger LevinWhy $109 Million Is Lost Each Year on Programs and Projects and How to Reverse This Trend

    Judi Jarosh - 10 Things I've Done Wrong So You Don't Have To

    Todd Williams - $250 Million Failure: What would you do?

    PMO Directors Roundtable

    Construction Project Management Round Table

    Saby Waraich - Don't Adopt the Monkey: Building Leadership for Yourself, Your Team and Your Projects

    Ian McCracken - Finding a New Job, Project Management Style - The Devil is in the Details

    Shelley Earsley - Connecting at the Core: Your projects and business process

    Evening Mixer (5-7PM) with entertainment and a cash bar!

    Day 3:

    Microsoft Project Intermediate Level

    Resume/Career Planning Panel

    Kevin Ciccotti - Why EQ Matters, And How to Grow Yours

    Skip WeismanThe 4 Project Conversations & Why 75% are the Wrong Conversation

    Handout and Answer Key

    Spencer Horn - Branding


      Full Schedule View: http://projectmanager.org/images/PMINUC_2016_PDC_Schedule.pdf