2017 PDC Recap Video


    2017 Professional Development Conference

    BE A FAN!

    April 12, 13 and 14

    Salt Palace in downtown Salt Lake City


    Vinh Giang - The Power of Perspective or A Mind Opened by Wonder

    PMI Northern Utah Scholarship Finalists - Conference Participants will select the winners!

    PMI Global Board Member Randy Black - Talent Management: A Strategic Imperative

    Jeff Tobe - Coloring Outside the Lines


    Day 1:

    Steve Willis - Getting Things Done

    Open Forum led by Saby Waraich You pick the subject and discuss amongst peers

    Todd C. WilliamsMaking Change Fun: Visualizing Change Through Project Prototyping

    V. Lee Henson - Advancing Agile- What are the next steps for Agile in Project Management

    Traci Duez - Fanning Your Leadership: Head First & Heart First

    Martha BryanTake This Job & Love It!

    Jessica Tidwell - Managing Your Stakeholders: Getting the Best From Those You Work With

    Jimmy GodardLeadership Compass

    Mike Goss - The Leadership Secrets of Sergeant Hooper

    Terri CarboneRisk Management made Fun and Highly Effective

    PMO Leaders Birds of a Feather Forum

    Martha BryanKeeping Cool, Calm, Collected & Healthy  When the Pressure is On!

                          - Loving Work Handout             - Wellness Article handout

    MS Project Level 1

    MS One Note Level  1


    Day 2:

    Teri GeeWriting with Concision and Clarity

    Mike Goss - What Business are you REALLY In?

    Meet UP! Mix and Mingle with Recruiters to find your dream job

    Craig PriceGet a Grip on Negativity: The Realist's Guide

    MS Project Level 2

    MS One Note Level 2

    V. Lee Henson - Agile in the SLC Market

    Adam Tidwell - The Project Management Office - Everything you wanted to know about the PMO

    Open Forum led by Jimmy Godard You pick the subject and discuss amongst peers

    Todd C. WilliamsTying Corporate Strategy to Project Goals 

             Challenges in Sponsorship Whitepaper     - What is Strategy Handout    - Maintain Project Alignment Handout 

    Eric Kulikowski - How I Helped Transform a Team by First Transforming Myself

    Agile Forum: Come and discuss your questions about Agile

    Saby WaraichDoes your Leadership Stand Out. The 5 secrets to success

    MS Project Level 1

    MS One Note Level  1

    Apex RecruitingInterview Skills

    Kevin Monroe - Project Management + Servant Leadership = A perfect Pairing


    Day 3:

    Jessica Tidwell - Successful Risk Management: Time to Make It or Break It

    Kelly AndrewKeep it Civil with Crucial Conversations

    Kevin Ciccotti - Conversational Intelligence: How to have Conversations that Build Trust and get Extraordinary Results

    Jennifer Gillette - Praising People to Success: The Art of Recognition

    Alan Cabelly - Be Your Own Best Fan: Use Your Personal Style to become a Better Leader

    Craig PriceLeading from All Sides: The Realists Guide to Leadership

    Open Forum led by Eric Kulikowski You pick the subject and discuss amongst peers

    MS Project Level 2