2018 Professional Development Conference

    April 25, 26 & 27, 2018




    **Speakers: If your presentation or handout is not linked, it is because we have not received it. Please email your PDF (or other) file(s) to communications@projectmanager.org Thanks!

    Day 1

    Opening Keynote: Derreck Kayongo

    Stephanie Schmid: The Power of Positivity  

    Jacob Anderson: Agile: User Story Mapping

    Jimmy Godard: Overcoming the Hurdles of Distraction

    Spencer Horn: Effective Coaching & Management Skills For Busy Leaders

    Todd Williams: Infographics and Visualizations

    Reed Shell: Mystery of PM Metrics

    Deron Johnson: Team Building Through Teaching EDGE

    Lee Henson: The TOP Five Agile Concepts That MOST Agile Companies Completely Miss! (Increase Your Productivity by 1500%!)

    Jessica Tidwell: Principles of Successful One-on-One

    Adam Tidwell: What Do I Get For $1,000,000? Project Benefit Realization


    Mike Berry: Scrutinize Your Way to the Top With the PMI-PBA!

    Day 2

    Jack Neeway: Techniques for Managing Different Personality Styles

    Adam Tidwell: The 6-Page Narrative: Implementing Document and Debate Culture for Project Success


    Reed Shell: Hoops, Hardwood, Coaches and the Project Team

    Michael Hughes: Networking as a Strategic Project Management Resource

    Scott Wilson: Unlocking Your Leadership Potential

    Kelly Andrews: Silence Fails: 5 Conversation Failures That Lead to Organizational Ineffectiveness and Business Losses

    Saby Waraich: Case Study: IT PMO in a Public-Sector Organization

    Note: Available By Request Directly to the Presenter: waraich.saby@gmail.com

    Lunch Keynote: Jessica Tidwell: Play to Win!

    Brian Rabon: Leading Together: Understanding the Power of Influence

    Eliza Moody: Leadership for Change

    Note: This is a large graphics presentation that has been broken into two parts for the sake of utility and ease of use


    Angela Trego: Leadership Transitions--But I've Never Done That Before?

    Mark Hehl: A "Sure Fire" Way to Ensure Schedule Performance Using LEAN-6 SIGMA Tools

    Cindy Lake: SAFe in a Nutshell

    Kevin Ciccotti: From People Pleaser to Effective Leader

    Wilfred James: What it Takes To Be a Rock Star Project Manager

    Samad Adaidane: How Culture Shapes the Brain: Implications for Leading Across Borders and Cultures

    Jacob Anderson: 21st Century Release Planning Techniques

    Day 3

    Mayte Mata-Sivera: Us vs. Them: Break the Barriers: Inspire Collaboration!

    Michelle Schumann: Everyone Can Be a Leader!

    Mark Hehl: Mastering a Major Complexity of Global Project Management

    Larry Smith: Profound Project Knowledge  


    Angela Trego: Inclusion and Diversity--How to Get It & Keep It

    Steve Ostermiller: Isn't PMBOK Already Agile?

    Closing Keynote: Lee Henson: If Sprinkles Are For Winners, Can Failure Be an Option? - Applying Common Sense in a Not So Common World: COMING SOON!


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