2017 November Training Workshop

    November 16, 2017
    10:15 AM - 1:00 PM
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    The Gathering Place at Gardner Village
    1100 West 7800 South
    West Jordan, UT

    Chapter Orientation: 9:45AM to 10:05AM

    If it's your first meeting, your first time joining the chapter or you're just curious about chapter offerings come join us early at 9:45AM for a Chapter Orientation Meeting!



    Educational Speaker: Lisa Lowery, PMP, AVS


    10:15AM - 11:15AM


    Project Communication Mashup: Lining Up Your Next Big Win

    As management professionals we have access to tools, spreadsheets, programs, data – but when you hit a project roadblock, what really happened? Most project problems are people problems. If you drill down further, you usually find that it was really a communication problem. And I don’t mean a documentation problem, or a “have another meeting” problem. I mean people knowing and disclosing the critical details behind their decisions, motives, and actions. We are often presented with platitudes when coached in improving communication. “Ask open ended questions. Listen to understand. Create a win-win.” While this might sound like good advice initially, it is vague and trite and often leaves you mystified. It can lead to people trying hard, being nice, and often still left without the answers they need. What knowledge can we gain and apply to break down the people-to-people barriers in your project?

    After all, projects are designed by people, built by people, and used by people.


    About Lisa:  This proud, dirty blue-collar gal is the first person in her family to graduate high school. Lisa is also a degreed professional with both a Master in Architecture and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering, with an emphasis in Construction Management. She is a credentialed Project Management Professional (PMP), and value improvement practitioner who transcends communication barriers with tradesmen and executives, equally.

     Lisa’s wealth of experience as a General Engineering Contractor, Project Manager and Risk Manager allows her to understand multiple perspectives and balance needs. Her value improvement team leadership ranges across industries, from design and construction phase projects, business processes, organizational behavior, and into products. This experience brings new insights and techniques that transfer across industries. Lisa’s facilitation style emphasizes building relationships between various stakeholders, helping them to focus on the commonalities between team and project goals. She helps teams focus on the various skills needed in communication, creativity, problem solving and clear decision-making.

    Lisa has always challenged social norms. She recognized early that our cultural norms create roadblocks in our ability to work effectively together and understand what motivates people. Lisa’s primary focus has always been helping people help those around them. To draw people into working more successfully together, Lisa continues to learn both scientific and qualitative aspects of communication barriers and how to overcome them. She applies these tools in practical ways that real people can understand.


    Keynote Speaker: John L. Lee


    President and Founder of Alpha Training and Consulting


    12:00PM - 1:00PM

    Rising Above it All: The art and science of organizational transformation

    The “Rising Above it All” lecture argues that the reason companies have such short life spans is because they do not understand how to effectively transform themselves. This lecture defines organizational transformation as “evolving to higher levels of sustained performance.” John Lee, the author of “Rising Above it All” has found that most companies are capable of evolving to a given level of performance, which he refers to as the 95 percent level. One of the problems in transformation is that the skill set needed to reach the 95 percent performance level is not the same skill set that is needed to rise above the 95 percent level of performance. Most organizations do not understand this phenomenon, and as a result companies will eventually go extinct as customer expectations rise above the 95 percent level performance levels.

    Rising Above it All breaks organizational transformation into three sub transformations:

    • Personal Transformation

    • Cultural Transformation

    • Tools Transformation

    The author argues that most companies skip the personal and cultural transformation and jump right into the tools transformation, which is the reason companies die at such a young age. The fundamental problem is that an organization must have a culture that supports modern-day analytical tools, including tools used in the planning process, or the tools will not effectively work within the borders of the organization.

    If you choose to attend this lecture be prepared to be inspired by the wonders of lifting your organization above it all.

    About John: At his core John Lee has a passion for organizational transformation using the LEAN – Six Sigma methodologies. John has obtained sixteen of the nineteen ASQ certifications and has used this knowledge to inspire thousands of students around the world to obtain the LEAN-Six Sigma knowledge necessary to help facilitate organizational transformation. John has served as an adjunct faculty member for the following institutions:

    • University of Utah

    • Brigham Young University

    • Weber State University

    • Utah Valley University

    • Salt Lake Community College

    • Jabil University

    • Davis Applied Technology College

    • Ogden Weber Applied Technology College

    • Mountainland Applied Technology College

    John is the author of several books that tell the story of the LEAN transformation journey. His book entitled “Rising Above It All: The art and science of organizational transformation” recently won the prestigious Shingo Award.

    John has also taken his ideas on organizational transformation and implemented them into a series of online training classes which are streamed over his online Learning Management System (LMS) in high quality HD video. He created this online training and the LMS system in an effort to make organizational transformation more efficient and effective. Over two hundred companies have used this training system and his expertise to help facilitate their own organizational transformations. Using decades of experience John has identified the training needs of all elements of an organization and created online classes to meet those needs. When you use John Lee to help you transform your organization the infrastructure is all set up to develop immediate momentum. All classes used in this training are project based so training across the organization begins on day one and projects aggressively begins after the first week of training.

    To sustain the organizational transformation over time John has created a certification body which he named GSIP (Global Society for Improving Processes). After the students finish their training and associated project(s) they receive their GSIP certification. The GSIP certification is always given at a level that reflects how much money their project(s) saved the company. After the initial certification the students must re-certify every three years. Recertification is completely based on project completion and the amount of money saved. Maintaining an employee’s GSIP certification at a predetermined dollar level becomes part of the employee’s job requirement. This helps organizations survive the highest risk element of the organizational transformation which is sustainment over time.

    It has been said of John Lee that “he not only teaches your employees he inspires your employees”. John Lee not only teaches but, along with the rest of his team, coaches / facilitates projects to help students on their journey to GSIP certification as well as maintaining their certification(s) over time.

    John Lee makes organizational transformation fun!  





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