2019 November Training Workshop

    November 21, 2019
    10:15 AM - 1:00 PM
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    The Gathering Place at Gardner Village
    1100 West 7800 South
    West Jordan, UT

    Keynote Speaker: Rick Brenner

    Bio: Rick Brenner is the principal of Chaco Canyon Consulting. Rick was training in Electrical Engineering and theoretical physics and has been a software engineer and entrepreneur. Rick worked in the computer industry and in defense systems for 15 years as an engineer, engineering manager and project manager. Towards the end of that time, while researching advanced software development environments under a U.S. Defense contract, Rick concluded that as engineers could probably do as much to increase project productivity by improving how we work together as we could by inventing new technologies. Rick's practice now emphasizes training and consulting to executives and project groups in dynamic companies, where success depends on high performance.

    Topic: The Race to the South Pole: Ten Lessons for Project Managers (Leadership)

    Learning Objective: Each of the 10 lessons we examine is illustrated with background and stores from one or both of the two expeditions. The stories are memorable, and are told with an emphasis on their value to project managers, sponsors, managers and executives in project-oriented organizations.

    Member Speaker: Dale Richards, PMP, MBA

    Bio: Dale Richards is Founder and CEO of Swattage, the Project Innovation Lab. He is the creator of the Economic Model of Organizational Maturity and the Project Management Value Perception Topography. He measures perceptions of project management value to mature delivery capabilities and culture and redefines the game of rolling out project management and PMO to receptive business environment. Dae received his MBA degree from the James Madison Univerysity College of Business and has held a PMP certification since 2009. He practiced project porfolio management in the Global Project Management Offce at RosettaStone in Arlington, Virginia.

    Topic: Managing Project Politics: Political Landscape Management for Project Managers (Business Strategy)

    Learning Objective: Project managers will learn to systematically analyze and manage the agendas and influence of project stakeholders. Projects bring change, and with oncomping change, people choose to support, observe, or fight that change. Managing projects therefore becomes not only a challenge in technical project management, e.g. managing scope, schedule, budget, etc. Project Managers find themselves facing a myriad of challenges in "socio-political complexity," or what we call "politics." In this session, we focus on how project managers can take their stakeholder analysis a step further to not only understand the political agendas of their project stakeholders, but to identify opportunities in relationships between them. Once the political landscape is understood, we then focus on building a communication strategy to clear political roadblocks so projects can more forward.


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    $25.00 after 7:00 pm November 20

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    $30.00 after 7:00 pm November 20