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    AgileDad provides innovative solutions to help your organization achieve Agile Excellence in ANY industry! By hiring trainers and coaches that have not only book knowledge, but years of practical real world experience in various industries we have had the opportunity to service hundreds of companies ranging in size from Fortune 10 to incubator startup. Let us teach you how to fish instead of fishing for you!

    The BEST part of engaging with AgileDad is that we often are able to provide Agile Coaching for LITTLE or NO cost! Contact us at LearnMore@AgileDad for more information!

    Our services include:

    Agile Certification: Become a Certified ScrumMaster/Product Owner! Our Certified Scrum Trainer has been personally trained and mentored by Ken Schwaber, the creator of Scrum! Lee has certified over 4,600 individuals and maintains one of the highest test score averages in the industry. These courses include: CSM, CSM-Advanced, and CSPO, CSPO-Advanced!

    Agile Training: For those organizations that do not require certification, we offer: Agile Fundamentals, Advancing & Scaling Agile, and interactive team workshops.

    Agile Evaluation: Sometimes things are just more visible from the outside looking in! Our professional coaches can quickly assess your business model and teams. Our goal is to leave you with a definitive plan that you can follow to achieve success!

    Agile Coaching: When you are looking to get specific help to solve real-world issues regarding your products and services, look no further than AgileDad. Our trainers and coaches have trained and coached in 43 of the Fortune 100 Companies!

    Agile Leadership: Whether you are just embarking on your Agile journey, or trying to optimize at the leadership and C-level suite, our experienced coaches have years of experience to guide you and your organization to true corporate Agility.

    LearnMore@AgileDad.Com or 866-410-1616 ~ http://www.AgileDad.Com




    Our mission is to equip professionals to reach their goals faster through advanced strategic, technical, and leadership skill development.  We offer public and on-site classes, mentoring, and coaching to the business community.  Ask about our corporate upgrade packages.




    Apex has the resources to help your organization meet your digital goals.
    From consulting to staff augmentation, we are your partner through the entire project lifecycle.


    The Braintrust Consulting Group is a worldwide leader in Agile transformations. Through practical, hands-on training and enterprise and team coaching, we help our clients learn, plan, and implement Agile processes, such as Scrum and Kanban. Our goal is to teach our clients how to increase predictability of delivery, decrease time-to-market, and improve overall client satisfaction.


    Platinum Edge drives organizational transformations. From the development team up, and from the executive team down, we can provide the expertise and support you need for agile program success.

    Agile Audit: We audit your current processes and create an agile implementation strategy that delivers bottom-line results.

    Agile Recruiting: Whether you need to accelerate your agile projects or you’re just getting started, we offer the best agile talent – because we’ve personally trained them.

    Agile Training: We offer private corporate training and certification, whatever your level of agile knowledge.

    Agile Transformation: We follow up on agile coaching and training with agile mentoring to ensure the right practices occur in the real world.

    If you want to drive outstanding results enterprise-wide with agile project management, give us a call -- 866.652.9866.


    Professional Education at the University of Utah provides you with up-to-the-minute knowledge and cutting-edge skills that will make you highly marketable and extremely valuable. Our classes leverage the deep resources of the University of Utah, including an experienced staff and cutting-edge equipment. The classes and certificate programs are designed to give students tangible skills that translate immediately into positive results in the business world. The instructors are all successful business professionals who use their experience to provide hands-on training. The courses are open-enrollment, meaning they are open to the public and beneficial whether you are new to the workforce or wanting to specialize in certain skills. From project management to web design, Professional Education has courses for you!  We can also bring custom training and programs onsite for your organization, created to fit your company’s needs.


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